E apoptosis of thymocytes leading to thymic involution in gm2 gangliosidosis, and thus can be used as a disease marker for evaluation of the thymic condition and disease progression. Topic: health comments (0) who dugg this story? Email this link add your comment please login or signup to leave a comment related stories t cell development critically depends on prethymic stromal patched expression submitted by deono2119 1 year and 7 months ago - topic: biology we recently described that t cell specification in mice deficient in the hedgehog (hh) receptor patched (ptch) is blocked at the level of the common lymphoid progenitor in the bone marrow (bm). Adoptive transfer of wild-type bm in ptch-deficient mice provides evidence that t cell development stri... Cd40 engagement of cd4+cd40+ t cells in a neo-self antigen disease model ablates ctla-4 expression and indirectly impacts tolerance submitted by mockinta 10 months ago - topic: biology biomarkers defining pathogenic effector t cells slowly have been forthcoming and towards this we identified cd4+ t cells that express cd4 (cd4+cd4+) as pathogenic in the nod type 1 diabetes (t1d) model. Cd4+cd4+ t cells rapidly and efficiently transfer t1d to nod. Scid recipients. To study the ori... Delta-like ligand 4 regulates central nervous system t cell accumulation during experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis submitted by tokeyoaden 1 year and 1 month ago - topic: biology experimental autoimmune encephalomyeliti. read 自動車保険
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